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mFire offers top quality Internet access at a great value. With our dial-up Internet service, you get many great features and benefits.

Fast, Reliable Connections
mFire provisions the services of multiple top-quality network service providers. Our network includes thousands and thousands of access numbers across the USA, features sophisticated technology to provide some of the fastest, most reliable connections available. This modern network is key to providing you with fast and reliable Internet access.

Easy Setup & Payment
We feature an easy online setup process (online signup is temporarily closed, please call us toll-free at 1-866-634-7379 to join), so you can be online in minutes. You have the choice to pay via Visa or MasterCard credit cards or by electronic payments from your checking account at no additional charge. Plus with mFire, there are no setup fees and no long term commitment.

Instant Account Activation
After you enter your account and billing information, we'll set up your account instantly. Just download our software through the link provided during the setup process.

If you prefer to set up your account over the phone, you can call toll-free 24 hours a day to 1-866-MFIRE79.

Instant Messenger Compatibility
mFire is compatible with most Instant messenger products including AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger and ICQ. With mFire you aren't locked into one instant messenger program–you are free to use whichever one you like best.

If you do not already have instant messenger software, visit our Download page to download popular instant messengers for free.

5 E-Mail Addresses
You get a total of 5 email addresses for free with your mFire Internet service. Each email address comes with 100MB of storage, for a total of 500MB available storage in all. Our email service features anti-spam and virus protection to help prevent unwanted junk mail and viruses.

Thousands of Access Numbers
mFire features a quality network provisioned from a numbers of the leading network access providers. This allows us to offer thousands and thousands of local access numbers–many more than are available at many other Internet service providers. We have local access numbers in almost every area of the USA. To browse our access numbers, visit our Access Number Search page.

24/7 Live Toll-Free Tech Support
We have toll-free customer service and tech support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-866-MFIRE79 (1-866-634-7379). If you have a pre-sales question, need help with email, have a connection problem, a billing issue, or other Internet service concern, help is just a free phone call away. Many other ISPs charge $1.99 per minute for tech support, and you should include these "hidden charges" when comparing services.

Internet Filtering
Content filtering is included in our Filtered Internet Access Plan, which is available for the same price as our standard plan. This special filtering system is designed to provide a "family friendly" internet experience by screening out Web sites with pornography, drugs, weapons, hate, violence or other adult content. In addition to blocking your children from accessing inappropriate content online, it is also useful to keep you from accidentally being exposed to adult content when you're surfing the Web.

The parental controls are fully configurable. They allow you to determine the classifications of web sites from 42 different categories that you want to allow or deny access to from your account. Plus, you can override the category selections by selectively allowing or denying access to specific web sites.

Internet Acceleration
Internet acceleration is included as part of the mFire Extreme Access Plan, which is just $3 more a month than our standard plan. Our system is easy, automatic and configurable and accelerates Web surfing and email by up to 5X. The mFire accelerator is as good or better than most competing products, even though other ISPs typically charge $5 or even more for this service. We remain committed to offering the best value in Internet access by offering a high-speed Internet accelerator plan at a price affordable to everyone.

Popup Ad Blocking
Popup blocking is included as part of the mFire Extreme Access Plan, which is just $3 more a month than our standard plans and includes Internet acceleration. Our popup blocker stops most popup ads and floating flash advertisements. You can configure it to beep when it blocks a popup, so that you know it is working. You can also select sites where you'll allow popups, for when you use sites that have useful popup windows. It is easy to use, and you'll likely find that you enjoy surfing the Internet even more when you aren't constantly bothered with popups.

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Internet Access Locations
 mFire has thousands of access numbers to serve you across the USA:
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