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Important mFire Notice

Due to massive changes in the Internet industry, mFire can no longer offer Internet service (dialup or otherwise). mFire is closed.

After over 10 years in business, our main infrastructure provider did not renew our contract during 2012. Left without any economically feasible options, we were nearly forced to shut down at the end of June, 2012. Fortunately, at the 11th hour we made a deal with another company to keep dialup and email services in place for our customers for up to a year. Although we didn't share any ongoing revenue from this, we hope it was helpful to our customers.

Over the last five years most people have left dialup for faster services like DSL and Cable Internet, leaving few customers for struggling dialup providers. However, some people still need dial-up, due to the higher cost of broadband services and/or the lack of availability in some locations.

If you're one of those that still needs a dial-up provider, we recommend ArcZip. They can take care of your dial-up service needs as good as anyone. Another choice is to visit EZISP Info to compare Cable Internet and DSL Providers, in case high speed access is an option for you.

Thank you all for the years of loyalty; it is sad to see things end.

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