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mFire has thousands of dialup access numbers across the USA. Use the search form to find a dialup number close to you. Generally, using the mFire access number that is closest to your location will provide the best performance. Please check with your local phone company to make sure the mFire access number you select is a local call for your calling plan.

Area CodeAccess NumberLocation
608403-4028Adams, WI
920365-0005Algoma, WI
262299-4023Allenton, WI
715350-0005Antigo, WI
262435-4107Antioch, WI
262435-4967Antioch, WI
920257-0005Appleton, WI
920257-0019Appleton, WI
920268-4025Appleton, WI
920486-4003Appleton, WI
920996-4570Appleton, WI
920997-4397Appleton, WI
715257-4006Athens, WI
715955-4025Augusta, WI
920363-0005Baileys Harbor, WI
608448-3029Baraboo, WI
920392-0005Beaver Dam, WI
262529-0005Belgium, WI
608467-4022Belleville, WI
608466-4013Beloit, WI
920354-6006Berlin, WI
262292-4028Big Bend, WI
262292-4034Big Bend, WI
262293-4028Big Bend, WI
262293-4034Big Bend, WI
262421-4020Big Bend, WI
262421-4088Big Bend, WI
262565-6010Big Bend, WI
262565-6109Big Bend, WI
262649-4010Big Bend, WI
262649-4117Big Bend, WI
262706-0040Big Bend, WI
262910-4020Big Bend, WI
262910-4088Big Bend, WI
414326-4164Big Bend, WI
414326-4967Big Bend, WI
414375-4024Big Bend, WI
414375-4111Big Bend, WI
414376-4024Big Bend, WI
414376-4102Big Bend, WI
414377-4024Big Bend, WI
414377-4103Big Bend, WI
715449-4006Birnamwood, WI
920268-4025Black Creek, WI
608309-0005Blair, WI
262394-9020Bohners Lk, WI
262458-9003Bohners Lk, WI
262526-0033Bohners Lk, WI
262686-9021Bohners Lk, WI
262725-9021Bohners Lk, WI
262726-9041Bohners Lk, WI
262806-9021Bohners Lk, WI
920332-4009Brandon, WI
608340-0005Briggsville, WI
920844-0005Brillion, WI
262671-4133Bristol, WI
262671-4967Bristol, WI
262857-3774Bristol, WI
262891-4024Bristol, WI
608467-4022Brooklyn, WI
414831-2971Brown Deer, WI
262806-4011Burlington, WI
262806-4012Burlington, WI
920543-4009Burnett, WI
262292-4028Caledonia, WI
262292-4034Caledonia, WI
262293-4028Caledonia, WI
262293-4034Caledonia, WI
262320-4250Caledonia, WI
262421-4020Caledonia, WI
262421-4088Caledonia, WI
262565-6010Caledonia, WI
262565-6109Caledonia, WI
262649-4010Caledonia, WI
262649-4117Caledonia, WI
262672-4153Caledonia, WI
262672-4967Caledonia, WI
262910-4020Caledonia, WI
262910-4088Caledonia, WI
414326-4164Caledonia, WI
414326-4967Caledonia, WI
414375-4024Caledonia, WI
414375-4111Caledonia, WI
414376-4024Caledonia, WI
414376-4102Caledonia, WI
414377-4024Caledonia, WI
414377-4103Caledonia, WI
920523-4003Cascade, WI
262204-2705Cedarburg, WI
262292-4028Cedarburg, WI
262292-4034Cedarburg, WI
262293-4028Cedarburg, WI
262293-4034Cedarburg, WI
262387-6202Cedarburg, WI
262421-0005Cedarburg, WI
262421-0008Cedarburg, WI
262421-4020Cedarburg, WI
262421-4088Cedarburg, WI
262546-0040Cedarburg, WI
262565-6010Cedarburg, WI
262565-6109Cedarburg, WI
262618-0065Cedarburg, WI
262649-4010Cedarburg, WI
262649-4117Cedarburg, WI
262910-4020Cedarburg, WI
262910-4088Cedarburg, WI
414326-4164Cedarburg, WI
414326-4967Cedarburg, WI
414375-4024Cedarburg, WI
414375-4111Cedarburg, WI
414376-4024Cedarburg, WI
414376-4102Cedarburg, WI
414377-4024Cedarburg, WI
414377-4103Cedarburg, WI
608390-0005Centerville, WI
920522-4003Chilton, WI
715861-4025Chippewa Falls, WI
715955-4025Chippewa Falls, WI
715955-4025Cleghorn, WI
920341-0005Clyman, WI
715316-4025Colby, WI
920626-4009Columbus, WI
608467-4022Cottage Grove, WI
262726-4005Darien, WI
608467-4022De Forest, WI
920351-4010De Pere, WI
608467-4022Deerfield, WI
262565-6010Delafield, WI
262565-6109Delafield, WI
262725-4011Delavan, WI
262725-4012Delavan, WI
920367-0005Denmark, WI
608319-0005Dodgeville, WI
262592-4009Eagle, WI
715337-0005Eagle River, WI
262684-4009East Troy, WI
715214-0005Eau Claire, WI
715352-4006Edgar, WI
608884-5128Edgerton, WI
920876-6006Elkhart Lake, WI
715941-4418Ellsworth, WI
920266-0005Fond Du Lac, WI
920542-4005Fort Atkinson, WI
608468-0005Fountain City, WI
262565-6010Genesee, WI
262565-6109Genesee, WI
920264-0005Green Bay, WI
920299-5030Green Lake, WI
920526-4001Greenbush, WI
262457-4022Hartford, WI
262292-4028Hartland, WI
262292-4034Hartland, WI
262293-4028Hartland, WI
262293-4034Hartland, WI
262421-4020Hartland, WI
262421-4088Hartland, WI
262565-6010Hartland, WI
262565-6109Hartland, WI
262649-4010Hartland, WI
262649-4117Hartland, WI
262910-4020Hartland, WI
262910-4088Hartland, WI
262912-6003Hartland, WI
414326-4164Hartland, WI
414326-4967Hartland, WI
414375-4024Hartland, WI
414375-4111Hartland, WI
414376-4024Hartland, WI
414376-4102Hartland, WI
414377-4024Hartland, WI
414377-4103Hartland, WI
715446-4004Hatley, WI
920853-4001Hilbert, WI
608399-0005Holmen, WI
920332-0222Horicon, WI
920541-9042Horicon, WI
920542-9991Horicon, WI
920543-9042Horicon, WI
920626-9002Horicon, WI
920643-4009Horicon, WI
920643-9991Horicon, WI
920644-9042Horicon, WI
920268-4025Hortonville, WI
920779-1013Hortonville, WI
715954-4015Houlton, WI
262229-4024Hubertus, WI
262293-4028Hubertus, WI
262293-4034Hubertus, WI
262622-0040Hubertus, WI
715338-0005Hudson, WI
920349-5001Hustisford, WI
262423-4007Jackson, WI
262836-3333Jackson, WI
608371-0005Janesville, WI
920541-4009Jefferson, WI
920799-4003Johnsburg, WI
920268-4025Kaukauna, WI
262287-0005Kenosha, WI
262287-0028Kenosha, WI
262671-4133Kenosha, WI
262671-4967Kenosha, WI
262842-3333Kenosha, WI
262477-4023Kewaskum, WI
920797-4003Kiel, WI
608498-4051La Crosse, WI
715388-0005Lac Du Flambeau, WI
608738-0005Lacrosse, WI
715403-5029Ladysmith, WI
262581-0005Lake Geneva, WI
262435-4107Lake Villa, WI
262435-4967Lake Villa, WI
920486-4003Larsen, WI
920798-4023Lebanon, WI
920268-4025Little Chute, WI
608467-4022Lodi, WI
608360-0005Loganville, WI
715503-4025Loyal, WI
920471-4008Luxemburg, WI
608227-0843Madison, WI
608229-2417Madison, WI
608252-6580Madison, WI
608395-0005Madison, WI
608395-0023Madison, WI
608467-4022Madison, WI
920320-0005Manitowoc, WI
920320-0018Manitowoc, WI
920482-4015Manitowoc, WI
920482-4042Manitowoc, WI
920482-4081Manitowoc, WI
920355-0005Mapleton, WI
715443-4004Marathon, WI
715330-4004Marinette, WI
920260-4028Markesan, WI
608467-4022Marshall, WI
715502-4025Marshfield, WI
608350-0005Mauston, WI
920644-4010Mayville, WI
608467-4022Mcfarland, WI
608396-0005Melrose, WI
262292-4028Menomonee Falls, WI
262292-4034Menomonee Falls, WI
262293-4028Menomonee Falls, WI
262293-4034Menomonee Falls, WI
262421-4020Menomonee Falls, WI
262421-4088Menomonee Falls, WI
262565-6010Menomonee Falls, WI
262565-6109Menomonee Falls, WI
262649-4010Menomonee Falls, WI
262649-4117Menomonee Falls, WI
262910-4020Menomonee Falls, WI
262910-4088Menomonee Falls, WI
414326-4164Menomonee Falls, WI
414326-4967Menomonee Falls, WI
414375-4024Menomonee Falls, WI
414375-4111Menomonee Falls, WI
414376-4024Menomonee Falls, WI
414376-4102Menomonee Falls, WI
414377-4024Menomonee Falls, WI
414377-4103Menomonee Falls, WI
715953-4015Menomonie, WI
715804-4015Merrill, WI
262292-4028Merton, WI
262292-4034Merton, WI
262293-4028Merton, WI
262293-4034Merton, WI
262421-4020Merton, WI
262421-4088Merton, WI
262533-4006Merton, WI
262533-4007Merton, WI
262565-6010Merton, WI
262565-6109Merton, WI
262649-4010Merton, WI
262649-4117Merton, WI
262910-4020Merton, WI
262910-4088Merton, WI
414326-4164Merton, WI
414326-4967Merton, WI
414375-4024Merton, WI
414375-4111Merton, WI
414376-4024Merton, WI
414376-4102Merton, WI
414377-4024Merton, WI
414377-4103Merton, WI
262292-4028Milwaukee, WI
262292-4034Milwaukee, WI
262293-4028Milwaukee, WI
262293-4034Milwaukee, WI
262421-4020Milwaukee, WI
262421-4088Milwaukee, WI
262565-6010Milwaukee, WI
262565-6109Milwaukee, WI
262649-4010Milwaukee, WI
262649-4117Milwaukee, WI
262910-4020Milwaukee, WI
262910-4088Milwaukee, WI
414238-0005Milwaukee, WI
414326-4164Milwaukee, WI
414326-4967Milwaukee, WI
414375-4024Milwaukee, WI
414375-4111Milwaukee, WI
414376-4024Milwaukee, WI
414376-4102Milwaukee, WI
414377-4024Milwaukee, WI
414377-4103Milwaukee, WI
414908-0357Milwaukee, WI
920482-4042Mishicot, WI
920482-4081Mishicot, WI
920654-4003Mishicot, WI
920755-4890Mishicot, WI
920753-8001Mount Calvary, WI
262565-6010Mukwonago, WI
262565-6109Mukwonago, WI
262910-4020Mukwonago, WI
262910-4088Mukwonago, WI
262292-4028Muskego, WI
262292-4034Muskego, WI
262293-4028Muskego, WI
262293-4034Muskego, WI
262421-4020Muskego, WI
262421-4088Muskego, WI
262465-4155Muskego, WI
262565-6010Muskego, WI
262565-6109Muskego, WI
262649-4010Muskego, WI
262649-4117Muskego, WI
262910-4020Muskego, WI
262910-4088Muskego, WI
414326-4164Muskego, WI
414326-4967Muskego, WI
414375-4024Muskego, WI
414375-4111Muskego, WI
414376-4024Muskego, WI
414376-4102Muskego, WI
414377-4024Muskego, WI
414377-4103Muskego, WI
920268-4025Neenah, WI
920486-4003Neenah, WI
920368-0005Neosho, WI
920471-4008New Franken, WI
920827-0005New Holstein, WI
920472-4000New London, WI
262355-4007Newburg, WI
262435-4107North Antioch, WI
262292-4028North Lake, WI
262292-4034North Lake, WI
262293-4028North Lake, WI
262293-4034North Lake, WI
262326-1155North Lake, WI
262421-4020North Lake, WI
262421-4088North Lake, WI
262565-6010North Lake, WI
262565-6109North Lake, WI
262649-4010North Lake, WI
262649-4117North Lake, WI
262910-4020North Lake, WI
262910-4088North Lake, WI
414326-4164North Lake, WI
414326-4967North Lake, WI
414375-4024North Lake, WI
414375-4111North Lake, WI
414376-4024North Lake, WI
414376-4102North Lake, WI
414377-4024North Lake, WI
414377-4103North Lake, WI
262565-6010North Prairie, WI
262565-6109North Prairie, WI
920267-4000Omro, WI
920965-1267Oneida, WI
920587-4032Oostburg, WI
608467-4022Oregon, WI
920527-0005Oshkosh, WI
715396-0005Owen, WI
262588-0005Palmyra, WI
262324-1150Parkside, WI
262671-4133Parkside, WI
262671-4967Parkside, WI
262672-4153Parkside, WI
262672-4967Parkside, WI
262264-6170Pewaukee, WI
262292-4028Pewaukee, WI
262292-4034Pewaukee, WI
262293-4028Pewaukee, WI
262293-4034Pewaukee, WI
262421-4020Pewaukee, WI
262421-4088Pewaukee, WI
262565-6010Pewaukee, WI
262565-6109Pewaukee, WI
262649-4010Pewaukee, WI
262649-4117Pewaukee, WI
262910-4020Pewaukee, WI
262910-4088Pewaukee, WI
414326-4164Pewaukee, WI
414326-4967Pewaukee, WI
414375-4024Pewaukee, WI
414375-4111Pewaukee, WI
414376-4024Pewaukee, WI
414376-4102Pewaukee, WI
414377-4024Pewaukee, WI
414377-4103Pewaukee, WI
920267-4000Pickett, WI
920838-0005Plymouth, WI
262988-4023Port Washington, WI
608467-4022Poynette, WI
262417-0071Racine, WI
262672-4153Racine, WI
262672-4967Racine, WI
262833-3333Racine, WI
262902-0005Racine, WI
262902-0039Racine, WI
920447-4003Random Lake, WI
920443-4003Reedsville, WI
920482-4042Reedsville, WI
920482-4081Reedsville, WI
920754-1156Reedsville, WI
608383-0005Richland Center, WI
715629-9446River Falls, WI
715760-9423Roberts, WI
262586-0005Salem, WI
262586-0027Salem, WI
262586-4001Salem, WI
262586-4002Salem, WI
262671-4133Salem, WI
262671-4967Salem, WI
608370-0005Sauk City, WI
920471-4008Seymour, WI
920395-0005Sheboygan, WI
920550-4004Sheboygan Falls, WI
920968-1097Shiocton, WI
262885-4001Silver Lake (Kenosha), WI
262885-4002Silver Lake (Kenosha), WI
262589-0005Slinger, WI
262584-4150Somers, WI
715368-0005Spencer, WI
608588-8013Spring Green, WI
920624-4033St Cloud, WI
715952-4030Stevens Point, WI
608205-4007Stoughton, WI
608467-4022Stoughton, WI
715391-0005Stratford, WI
920473-4000Sturgeon Bay, WI
262587-0005Sullivan, WI
608318-4014Sun Prairie, WI
608467-4022Sun Prairie, WI
262292-4028Sussex, WI
262292-4034Sussex, WI
262293-4028Sussex, WI
262293-4034Sussex, WI
262314-4160Sussex, WI
262421-4020Sussex, WI
262421-4088Sussex, WI
262565-6010Sussex, WI
262565-6109Sussex, WI
262649-4010Sussex, WI
262649-4117Sussex, WI
262910-4020Sussex, WI
262910-4088Sussex, WI
414326-4164Sussex, WI
414326-4967Sussex, WI
414375-4024Sussex, WI
414375-4111Sussex, WI
414376-4024Sussex, WI
414376-4102Sussex, WI
414377-4024Sussex, WI
414377-4103Sussex, WI
920276-0005Theresa, WI
262292-4028Thiensville, WI
262292-4034Thiensville, WI
262293-4028Thiensville, WI
262293-4034Thiensville, WI
262421-4020Thiensville, WI
262421-4088Thiensville, WI
262565-6010Thiensville, WI
262565-6109Thiensville, WI
262649-4010Thiensville, WI
262649-4117Thiensville, WI
262910-4020Thiensville, WI
262910-4088Thiensville, WI
414326-4164Thiensville, WI
414326-4967Thiensville, WI
414375-4024Thiensville, WI
414375-4111Thiensville, WI
414376-4024Thiensville, WI
414376-4102Thiensville, WI
414377-4024Thiensville, WI
414377-4103Thiensville, WI
608567-4028Tomah, WI
262298-4023Trevor, WI
262448-4003Twin Lakes, WI
920482-4042Two Rivers, WI
920482-4081Two Rivers, WI
920657-4003Two Rivers, WI
920793-8523Two Rivers, WI
262558-4150Union Grove, WI
920267-4000Van Dyne, WI
262394-2009Walworth, WI
920545-4024Watertown, WI
262447-4003Waubeka, WI
262292-4028Waukesha, WI
262293-4028Waukesha, WI
262293-4034Waukesha, WI
262312-0065Waukesha, WI
262421-4020Waukesha, WI
262436-0244Waukesha, WI
262565-6010Waukesha, WI
262565-6109Waukesha, WI
262649-4010Waukesha, WI
262649-4117Waukesha, WI
262910-4020Waukesha, WI
262910-4088Waukesha, WI
414375-4024Waukesha, WI
414375-4111Waukesha, WI
414376-4024Waukesha, WI
414377-4024Waukesha, WI
414377-4103Waukesha, WI
715942-7009Waupaca, WI
920239-4009Waupun, WI
920345-9002Waupun, WI
715393-0005Wausau, WI
920240-4028Wautoma, WI
920471-4008Wayside, WI
262357-0005West Bend, WI
262808-1305West Bend, WI
608498-4051West Salem, WI
920796-4003Whitelaw, WI
262458-6009Whitewater, WI
262607-8009Williams Bay, WI
608254-9006Wisconsin Dells, WI

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It is your sole responsibility to verify that the number you choose is a flat-rate "local" call. Consult your phone book or contact your local operator (by dialing "0") to check if a number is a toll-charge call for you. We are not responsible for any charges you may incur.

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