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mFire has thousands of dialup access numbers across the USA. Use the search form to find a dialup number close to you. Generally, using the mFire access number that is closest to your location will provide the best performance. Please check with your local phone company to make sure the mFire access number you select is a local call for your calling plan.

Area CodeAccess NumberLocation
252614-3328Ahoskie, NC
704322-4007Albemarle, NC
704322-4008Albemarle, NC
704490-4018Albemarle, NC
704490-4094Albemarle, NC
704935-4011Albemarle, NC
704935-4038Albemarle, NC
704288-4106Alton, NC
704288-4967Alton, NC
704321-4014Alton, NC
704321-4100Alton, NC
704764-0003Alton, NC
704826-7534Ansonville, NC
704751-4106Antioch, NC
704751-4967Antioch, NC
919249-1024Apex, NC
919249-6219Apex, NC
919371-2003Apex, NC
919371-2117Apex, NC
919439-4007Apex, NC
919439-4125Apex, NC
919589-0112Apex, NC
919589-0113Apex, NC
828376-3328Arden, NC
336308-4014Asheboro, NC
828378-3328Asheville, NC
252605-3328Atlantic, NC
252614-3328Aulander, NC
252615-3328Aulander, NC
252603-3328Aurora, NC
252606-3328Ayden, NC
704490-4018Badin, NC
704490-4094Badin, NC
704935-4011Badin, NC
704935-4038Badin, NC
252613-3328Bailey, NC
828537-4027Bakersville, NC
252610-3328Bath, NC
252603-3328Bayboro, NC
252605-3328Beaufort, NC
252610-3328Belhaven, NC
704271-2328Belmont, NC
704271-4074Belmont, NC
704271-4156Belmont, NC
704461-4042Belmont, NC
704461-4043Belmont, NC
704755-1070Belmont, NC
919701-4563Benson, NC
704271-2328Bessemer City, NC
704271-4074Bessemer City, NC
704271-4156Bessemer City, NC
704729-7649Bessemer City, NC
252606-3328Bethel, NC
828282-3328Bethlehem, NC
910375-5030Beulaville, NC
910428-7008Biscoe, NC
828357-1012Black Mounain, NC
828357-4156Black Mountain, NC
828484-4029Black Mountain, NC
910863-8030Bladenboro, NC
828379-3328Blowing Rock, NC
828262-0496Boone, NC
828535-1605Bryson City, NC
910300-9040Burgaw, NC
336221-0315Burlington, NC
336221-1772Burlington, NC
336226-5543Burlington, NC
336261-0440Burlington, NC
336261-0441Burlington, NC
336506-0233Burlington, NC
336792-4101Burlington, NC
336792-4967Burlington, NC
828536-4029Burnsville, NC
252261-3328Buxton, NC
252261-3328Buxton (Htrs), NC
828365-1014Candler, NC
828382-3328Caroleen, NC
910722-4041Carthage, NC
919371-2003Cary, NC
919371-2117Cary, NC
919439-4007Cary, NC
919439-4125Cary, NC
919647-4267Cary, NC
919647-4967Cary, NC
919657-0678Cary, NC
919657-0679Cary, NC
919659-1004Cary, NC
919371-2003Cary / Research Triangle, NC
919371-2117Cary / Research Triangle, NC
919439-4007Cary / Research Triangle, NC
919439-4125Cary / Research Triangle, NC
919647-4267Cary / Research Triangle, NC
919647-4967Cary / Research Triangle, NC
828364-1605Cashiers, NC
910210-0000Castle Hayne, NC
910795-4006Castle Hayne, NC
828282-3328Catawba, NC
828377-3328Caton, NC
919370-0026Chapel Hill, NC
919636-4113Chapel Hill, NC
919636-4967Chapel Hill, NC
919913-0214Chapel Hill, NC
919928-8286Chapel Hill, NC
919928-8625Chapel Hill, NC
919945-0232Chapel Hill, NC
919945-0233Chapel Hill, NC
704200-2328Charlotte, NC
704200-3328Charlotte, NC
704307-4187Charlotte, NC
704307-4967Charlotte, NC
704319-2621Charlotte, NC
704321-4014Charlotte, NC
704321-4100Charlotte, NC
704342-2011Charlotte, NC
704375-1785Charlotte, NC
704375-2911Charlotte, NC
704401-1701Charlotte, NC
704401-9724Charlotte, NC
704401-9725Charlotte, NC
704401-9726Charlotte, NC
704837-7520Charlotte, NC
704940-4210Charlotte, NC
704944-0200Charlotte, NC
704945-0206Charlotte, NC
704945-1666Charlotte, NC
704945-1667Charlotte, NC
704945-1669Charlotte, NC
704967-0027Charlotte, NC
704276-6033Cherryville, NC
704445-7542Cherryville, NC
704452-4328Cherryville, NC
704490-4018China Grove Landis, NC
704490-4094China Grove Landis, NC
704754-4106China Grove Landis, NC
704754-4967China Grove Landis, NC
704859-4001China Grove Landis, NC
704859-4002China Grove Landis, NC
704935-4011China Grove Landis, NC
704935-4038China Grove Landis, NC
828282-3328Claremont, NC
919585-0280Clayton, NC
919585-0281Clayton, NC
919585-4022Clayton, NC
919763-0000Clayton, NC
704278-8536Cleveland, NC
910627-0005Clinton, NC
910923-1605Clinton, NC
704271-4074Clover, NC
704271-4156Clover, NC
828377-3328Clyde, NC
252602-3328Coinjock, NC
252614-3328Colerain, NC
252615-3328Colerain, NC
252389-1605Columbia, NC
252655-0005Columbia, NC
704490-4018Concord, NC
704490-4094Concord, NC
704886-1031Concord, NC
704935-4011Concord, NC
704935-4038Concord, NC
252608-3328Conway, NC
919283-0821Creedmoor, NC
919724-4967Creedmoor, NC
252616-3328Creswell, NC
704765-4005Davidson, NC
704765-4006Davidson, NC
704897-1032Davidson, NC
704990-0007Davidson, NC
704990-9725Davidson, NC
704990-9726Davidson, NC
704990-9727Davidson, NC
704257-4612Denver, NC
704809-1084Denver, NC
336443-9008Dobson, NC
910292-4022Dunn, NC
910728-4015Dunn / Cumberland, NC
919226-0226Durham, NC
919226-0239Durham, NC
919314-0181Durham, NC
919316-0901Durham, NC
919323-4060Durham, NC
919724-4967Durham, NC
919767-0594Durham, NC
336589-6053Eden, NC
252602-3328Edenton, NC
252602-3328Elizabeth City, NC
910247-4015Elizabethtown, NC
828376-3328Elkin / Chandler, NC
828382-3328Ellenboro, NC
252613-3328Elm City, NC
252608-3328Enfield, NC
252385-0005Engelhard, NC
252547-1605Engelhard, NC
828365-1014Enka, NC
828483-4028Enka Candler, NC
828633-4003Enka Candler, NC
828633-4075Enka Candler, NC
828376-3328Fairview, NC
252606-3328Farmville, NC
910224-0005Fayetteville, NC
910252-0036Fayetteville, NC
910252-0037Fayetteville, NC
910348-3328Fayetteville, NC
910365-0020Fayetteville, NC
910365-0022Fayetteville, NC
910365-0023Fayetteville, NC
910881-1001Fayetteville, NC
910881-1005Fayetteville, NC
910923-0020Fayetteville, NC
910923-0021Fayetteville, NC
910923-0034Fayetteville, NC
919642-8095Fayetteville, NC
919642-8100Fayetteville, NC
252295-0100Florence, NC
252543-0100Florence, NC
252543-0104Florence, NC
828382-3328Forest City, NC
919963-8592Four Oaks, NC
828363-1605Franklin, NC
919728-9667Franklinton, NC
919766-9452Fremont, NC
919753-1054Fuquay Varina, NC
828237-4015Garden City, NC
704271-2328Gastonia, NC
704271-3328Gastonia, NC
704271-4074Gastonia, NC
704271-4156Gastonia, NC
704685-9221Gastonia, NC
704685-9222Gastonia, NC
704830-0194Gastonia, NC
704853-8591Gastonia, NC
704864-7353Gastonia, NC
704864-7655Gastonia, NC
704914-9625Gastonia, NC
704914-9626Gastonia, NC
704914-9627Gastonia, NC
252602-3328Gatesville, NC
828738-1137Glenwood Providence, NC
919580-0422Goldsboro, NC
919580-9445Goldsboro, NC
919587-0461Goldsboro, NC
919587-0462Goldsboro, NC
919648-4108Goldsboro, NC
919648-4967Goldsboro, NC
919731-9796Goldsboro, NC
704288-4106Goose Creek, NC
704288-4967Goose Creek, NC
704321-4014Goose Creek, NC
704321-4100Goose Creek, NC
704753-0777Goose Creek, NC
828282-3328Granite Falls, NC
704209-9634Granite Quarry Rockwell, NC
704754-4106Granite Quarry Rockwell, NC
704754-4967Granite Quarry Rockwell, NC
919289-0841Grantham, NC
336230-1872Greensboro, NC
336230-2464Greensboro, NC
336261-1003Greensboro, NC
336261-1007Greensboro, NC
336387-0207Greensboro, NC
336553-1000Greensboro, NC
336574-0544Greensboro, NC
336698-3616Greensboro, NC
336790-4108Greensboro, NC
336790-4967Greensboro, NC
336808-1711Greensboro, NC
336837-0037Greensboro, NC
336837-0038Greensboro, NC
252295-0200Greenville, NC
252295-0201Greenville, NC
252481-0005Greenville, NC
252481-0033Greenville, NC
252547-1006Greenville, NC
252558-4020Greenville, NC
252558-4200Greenville, NC
252606-3328Greenville, NC
252607-3328Grifton, NC
704297-4328Grover, NC
704751-4106Grover, NC
704751-4967Grover, NC
704937-2501Grover, NC
828561-1605Guntertown, NC
252608-3328Halifax, NC
252601-3328Hamilton, NC
910557-9578Hamlet, NC
704456-1053Harrisburg, NC
704490-4018Harrisburg, NC
704490-4094Harrisburg, NC
704935-4011Harrisburg, NC
704935-4038Harrisburg, NC
252603-3328Havelock, NC
704288-4106Hemby Bridge, NC
704288-4967Hemby Bridge, NC
704321-4014Hemby Bridge, NC
704321-4100Hemby Bridge, NC
704893-8785Hemby Bridge, NC
252654-0005Henderson, NC
252657-1605Henderson, NC
828697-3328Hendersonville, NC
252602-3328Hertford, NC
828282-3328Hickory, NC
336899-1026High Point, NC
828482-4026Highlands, NC
828282-3328Hildebran, NC
910349-3328Holly Ridge, NC
828539-4027Hot Springs, NC
704464-4017Huntersville, NC
704464-4018Huntersville, NC
704946-9719Huntersville, NC
704946-9720Huntersville, NC
704946-9721Huntersville, NC
704949-1035Huntersville, NC
704288-4106Indian Trail, NC
704288-4967Indian Trail, NC
704321-4014Indian Trail, NC
704321-4100Indian Trail, NC
704839-2773Indian Trail, NC
252608-3328Jackson, NC
910349-3328Jacksonville, NC
910554-3017Jacksonville, NC
336685-3287Julian, NC
704490-4018Kannapolis, NC
704490-4094Kannapolis, NC
704935-4011Kannapolis, NC
704935-4038Kannapolis, NC
252613-3328Kenly, NC
336497-9022Kernersville, NC
252261-3328Kill Devil Hills, NC
252620-3328Kill Devil Hills, NC
336505-4042Kimesville, NC
704259-1328Kings Mountain, NC
704259-3328Kings Mountain, NC
704259-7638Kings Mountain, NC
704271-4074Kings Mountain, NC
704271-4156Kings Mountain, NC
252607-3328Kinston, NC
919261-6144Knightdale, NC
919647-4267Knightdale, NC
919647-4967Knightdale, NC
252207-0000Knotts Island, NC
252607-3328La Grange, NC
704297-4328Lattamore, NC
704313-0631Lattimore, NC
704751-4106Lattimore, NC
704751-4967Lattimore, NC
910277-0045Laurinburg, NC
704297-4328Lawndale, NC
704312-1530Lawndale, NC
704751-4106Lawndale, NC
704751-4967Lawndale, NC
828484-4029Leicester, NC
828633-4003Leicester, NC
828383-3328Lenoir, NC
252614-3328Lewiston, NC
252615-3328Lewiston, NC
336793-4105Lewisville, NC
336793-4967Lewisville, NC
704848-7524Lilesville, NC
910728-4015Lillington, NC
910984-8562Lillington, NC
704452-4328Lincolnton, NC
252608-3328Littleton, NC
704269-4027Locust, NC
704269-4028Locust, NC
910201-1703Long Beach, NC
919853-7592Louisburg, NC
704271-2328Lowell, NC
704271-4074Lowell, NC
704271-4156Lowell, NC
704478-1290Lowell, NC
704899-5652Lowell, NC
252613-3328Lucama, NC
910561-0030Lumberton, NC
828377-3328Maggie Valley, NC
704452-4328Maiden, NC
828282-3328Maiden, NC
252207-0000Mamie, NC
252261-3328Manteo, NC
828527-0135Marion, NC
828319-2157Mars Hill, NC
828649-6137Marshall, NC
252605-3328Marshallberg, NC
704288-4106Marshville, NC
704288-4967Marshville, NC
704321-4014Marshville, NC
704321-4100Marshville, NC
704624-8772Marshville, NC
704288-4106Matthews, NC
704288-4967Matthews, NC
704321-4014Matthews, NC
704321-4100Matthews, NC
704815-1690Matthews, NC
910349-3328Maysville, NC
828563-1605Micaville, NC
704271-4074Mill Creek, NC
704271-4156Mill Creek, NC
704220-0234Monroe, NC
704288-4106Monroe, NC
704288-4967Monroe, NC
704296-5750Monroe, NC
704321-4014Monroe, NC
704321-4100Monroe, NC
704681-9052Monroe, NC
704681-9070Monroe, NC
704993-0027Monroe, NC
704993-9675Monroe, NC
704993-9676Monroe, NC
704993-9677Monroe, NC
336295-1001Monticello, NC
704235-1090Mooresville, NC
704746-9537Mooresville, NC
252605-3328Morehead City, NC
828433-1205Morganton, NC
704851-8522Morven, NC
252607-3328Moss Hill, NC
336429-5053Mount Airy, NC
704812-1004Mount Holly, NC
704820-4017Mount Holly, NC
704820-4018Mount Holly, NC
704490-4018Mount Pleasant, NC
704490-4094Mount Pleasant, NC
704935-4011Mount Pleasant, NC
704935-4038Mount Pleasant, NC
828282-3328Mountain View, NC
252602-3328Moyock, NC
252614-3328Murfreesboro, NC
828362-1605Murphy, NC
252604-3328Nashville, NC
252603-3328New Bern, NC
704490-4018New London, NC
704490-4094New London, NC
704935-4011New London, NC
704935-4038New London, NC
704288-4106New Salem, NC
704288-4967New Salem, NC
704321-4014New Salem, NC
704321-4100New Salem, NC
704385-7773New Salem, NC
828373-3328Newland, NC
828733-3328Newland, NC
252605-3328Newport, NC
828282-3328Newton, NC
336844-4006North Wilkesboro, NC
336981-0105North Wilkesboro, NC
704490-4094Oakboro, NC
828668-5142Old Fort, NC
336793-4105Oldtown, NC
336793-4967Oldtown, NC
910728-4015Olivia, NC
252603-3328Oriental, NC
919939-2666Oxford, NC
910446-0005Parkton, NC
910953-1605Parkton, NC
704272-4548Peachland Polkton, NC
252616-3328Pike Road, NC
910687-4578Pinehurst, NC
252604-3328Pinetops, NC
252610-3328Pinetown, NC
252602-3328Piney Woods, NC
252607-3328Pink Hill, NC
919533-0005Pittsboro, NC
919642-8006Pittsboro, NC
252616-3328Plymouth, NC
252603-3328Pollocksville, NC
919617-9537Princeton, NC
919975-4106Princeton, NC
919975-4967Princeton, NC
910565-4076Raeford, NC
910728-4015Raeford, NC
919827-1708Raleigh, NC
919861-5832Raleigh, NC
910728-4015Red Springs, NC
336342-0985Reidsville, NC
336342-2994Reidsville, NC
336496-4262Reidsville, NC
336496-4263Reidsville, NC
336637-1123Reidsville, NC
336791-4101Reidsville, NC
336791-4967Reidsville, NC
252608-3328Rich Square, NC
910349-3328Richlands, NC
252507-4031Roanoke Rapids, NC
252608-3328Roanoke Rpds, NC
828479-0007Robbinsville, NC
252606-3328Robersonville, NC
910410-9635Rockingham, NC
252428-1605Rocky Mount, NC
252604-3328Rocky Mount, NC
252386-0100Rockymount, NC
252386-0105Rockymount, NC
252387-0101Rockymount, NC
252388-0101Rockymount, NC
252627-0101Rockymount, NC
252628-0100Rockymount, NC
252657-0101Rockymount, NC
910447-0005Rose Hill, NC
910881-1605Rose Hill, NC
919724-4967Roxboro, NC
252614-3328Roxebel, NC
252615-3328Roxobel, NC
336939-0275Ruffin, NC
828375-3328Rutherfordton, NC
704212-9625Salisbury, NC
704212-9626Salisbury, NC
704212-9627Salisbury, NC
704216-1328Salisbury, NC
704216-3328Salisbury, NC
704603-0254Salisbury, NC
704630-0447Salisbury, NC
704630-0727Salisbury, NC
704630-4625Salisbury, NC
704680-9222Salisbury, NC
919842-3530Sanford, NC
336376-7001Saxapahaw, NC
252608-3328Scotland Neck, NC
252608-3328Seaboard, NC
919975-4106Selma, NC
919975-4967Selma, NC
828562-1605Sevier, NC
704297-3328Shelby, NC
704297-4328Shelby, NC
704470-0244Shelby, NC
704471-0166Shelby, NC
704471-0197Shelby, NC
704471-0735Shelby, NC
704600-0012Shelby, NC
704600-9625Shelby, NC
704600-9626Shelby, NC
704600-9627Shelby, NC
828282-3328Sherrills Ford, NC
252602-3328Shiloh, NC
252610-3328Sidney, NC
919799-2448Siler City, NC
919300-7484Smithfield, NC
910349-3328Sneads Ferry, NC
252543-0005Snow Hill, NC
252653-0005Snow Hill, NC
704271-2328South Crowders, NC
704271-4074South Crowders Creek, NC
704271-4156South Crowders Creek, NC
704981-4018South Crowders Creek, NC
252602-3328South Mills, NC
910365-0020Southern Pines, NC
910684-4008Southern Pines, NC
252604-3328Spring Hope, NC
828765-5865Spruce Pine, NC
828374-3328Sprucepine, NC
910728-4015St Pauls, NC
704271-2328Stanley, NC
704908-3537Stanley, NC
336793-4105Stanleyville, NC
336793-4967Stanleyville, NC
252613-3328Stantonsburg, NC
704253-1328Statesville, NC
704253-3328Statesville, NC
704253-4106Statesville, NC
704253-4967Statesville, NC
704818-0194Statesville, NC
704871-0931Statesville, NC
704871-9800Statesville, NC
704903-1009Statesville, NC
704903-9725Statesville, NC
704903-9726Statesville, NC
704903-9727Statesville, NC
704585-1000Stony Point, NC
336441-4002Summerfield, NC
252602-3328Sunbury, NC
828378-3328Swannanoa, NC
252605-3328Swansborro, NC
910349-3328Swansborro, NC
828477-4026Sylva, NC
910653-1014Tabor City, NC
252604-3328Tarboro, NC
828282-3328Taylorsville, NC
910349-3328Topsail Island, NC
252603-3328Trenton, NC
704508-4526Troutman, NC
828368-4007Valdese, NC
252603-3328Vanceborro, NC
910556-4000Vass, NC
704994-8473Wadesboro, NC
919488-7182Wake Forest, NC
336793-4105Walkertown, NC
336793-4967Walkertown, NC
910421-3328Wallace, NC
910463-4030Wallace, NC
252313-4361Warrenton, NC
252610-3328Washington, NC
252261-3328Waves, NC
704243-9814Waxhaw, NC
704288-4106Waxhaw, NC
704288-4967Waxhaw, NC
704321-4014Waxhaw, NC
704321-4100Waxhaw, NC
828377-3328Waynesville, NC
828645-6969Weaverville, NC
252602-3328Weeksville, NC
252602-3328Welch, NC
252608-3328Weldon, NC
919374-4016Wendell, NC
919374-4017Wendell, NC
910466-4041West End, NC
252604-3328Whitakers, NC
910212-4014Whiteville, NC
252601-3328Williamston, NC
910251-7615Wilmington, NC
910251-7691Wilmington, NC
910442-1594Wilmington, NC
910667-0110Wilmington, NC
910667-0190Wilmington, NC
910667-0191Wilmington, NC
910763-1099Wilmington, NC
910795-4006Wilmington, NC
252613-3328Wilson, NC
252615-3328Windsor, NC
704233-7772Wingate, NC
336631-2305Winston / Salem, NC
336714-0317Winston / Salem, NC
336837-0530Winston Salem, NC
252614-3328Winton, NC
252614-3328Woodland, NC
252602-3328Woodville, NC
252207-0000Woodville (Perquimans), NC
910344-2331Wrightsville Beach, NC
336459-3047Yanceyville, NC
919887-4016Zebulon, NC
919887-4017Zebulon, NC

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